My Fair Lady Character Descriptions

ELIZA DOOLITTLE*: A cockney flower girl. Her potential to become a “lady” become the object of a bet between Higgins and Pickering.

COLONEL PICKERING*: Retired British officer with colonial experience and the author of “Spoken Sanskrit”.

MRS. EYNSFORD-HILL: A friend of Mrs. Higgins and Freddy’s mother.

MRS HIGGINS: Henry’s long-suffering mother.

HENRY HIGGINS*: British, upper class professional batchelor, world famous phonetics expert, teacher and author of “Higgins Universal Alphabet”.

FREDDY EYNSFORD-HILL*: Upper class young man who becomes completely smitten with Eliza.

ALFRED P. DOOLITTLE*: Eliza’s father; an elderly but vigorous dustman.

BARTENDER: George, works the Tottenham Court Road Pub.

HARRY*: Drinking companion of Alfred Doolittle.

JAMIE*: Drinking companion of Alfred Doolittle.

MRS. PEARCE*: Henry Higgins’ housekeeper.

MRS. HOPKINS: A cockney woman of Tottenham Court.

PROF. ZOLTAN KARPATHY: A bearded Hungarian; former phonetics student of Henry Higgins.

A BYSTANDER: Opening scene, (2 men) a Bystander with Another Bystander outside Covent Garden

1st-4th COCKNEY’s: In Covent Garden Market; they form the male COCKNEY QUARTET*

BUTLER: Henry Higgins’ household employee.

FOOTMAN: Henry Higgins house, non-speaking.

LORD BOXINGTON: At Ascot races, non-speaking.

FLOWER GIRL: Working in Wimpole Street.

FOOTMAN: Embassy employee

FOOTMAN: Embassy employee; non-speaking.

SELSEY MAN: Opening scene, bystander outside Covent Garden.

HOXTON MAN: Opening scene, bystander outside Covent Garden.

TWO MAIDS*: Henry Higgins household, non-speaking.

THREE BUSKERS: Street performers outside Covent Garden, non-speaking.

SIX SERVANTS: Henry Higgins household, non-speaking chorus singers, Soprano-Soprano-Alto-Alto-Tenor-Bass

TWO STEWARDS: Ascot employees, non-speaking.